Incorporating Solar Panels Into Your Landscape

Most often solar panels are placed on the roof; however, there are times when solar panels should be placed on the ground. An installer may recommend placing the solar panels on the ground if your roof is mostly shaded, really steep or if another location receives more light.

Solar Panels Into Your Landscape

When your solar panels are placed on the ground, you must ensure the area is free of shade. Trim bushes and branches to ensure the maxTrim bushes and branches Solar Panelsimum amount of sunlight reaches the solar panels.

Remove the sod from the location and install pea stone over landscaping fabric. This will help keep the panels clean. To further protect your solar panels, install a fence around the solar panel area.

You will need to keep your solar panels clean for them to function properly. To help ensure your solar panels are producing the maximum amount of power, leaves and snow should be removed as soon as possible.

There are many ways to help disguise solar panels in your landscape without sacrificing the amount of power that is produced. Planting flowering bushes along the perimeter of the fence is a great way to soften the appearance of the solar panels in your yard.

Another way to incorporate solar panels into your landscape design is to embrace the industrial look. Purchase or make Industrial Solar panelsscrap metal statues and works of art to help create an inspired industrial landscape.

Solar panels ground mounted when a roof mount is cannot be accomplished or is not desired. Ground mounted solar panels are often a preferred choice for those whose roofs are too steep or the roof is mostly shaded.

Use the information from this article to incorporate solar panels into your landscape. Keep the solar panels clean by placing them in an area free of grass or weeds, keep the solar panels clean and protect them from damage by placing them inside a fence.

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